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times   2015-04-29

Panasonic has developed a new chipset that can bring high-definition (HD) video into every room in a home network via existing power lines. In a press conference Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, executives of the Seacaucus, N.J.-based electronics giant--the North American unit of Matsushita Electric Industrical Co--said the chip, MN1A92080L, will begin production this spring. They said the chip will allow HD-ready, high-speed Power Line Communication technology to be put into practical use in digital converged solutions. The new HD-PLC chip will be compatible with standard Ethernet technology and bypass the need to connect HD video playback devices via IP or wireless technology, according to Panasonic. The company said the chip integrates all of the necessary digital processing components on a single chip which, when used in the home, can provide networking for all rooms simply by connecting devices to an AC power outlet.

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